1 Brief from customer, this would detail the below as a minimum:

Item or request for concepts based on brief
Delivery date/instore date
Date for concept/cost reply
Packaging requirements including shelf display

Response by TWBND
With concepts, quotes and where applicable a certificate of compliance

3 Reply from client

Final concepts and prices from TWBND to client

5 PO raised by the client to TWBND

6  PO received by TWBND

7 TWBND’s PO is sent to 3rd party supplier/factory

8 Artwork sign off sent to client

9 Artwork changes if required

10 Artwork signed off by client

11 Job commences

12 Production sample sent to client

13 Sample signed off by client or changes requested

14 Any testing commences at this stage if required

16 Mass production commences

17 QC during and after production

18 Transport to port

19 Freight

20 Clearance by customs agent

21 Delivery